Club Activities

As a part of academics various clubs like Guides, language club, Maths club, science club, and Social Science club function throughout the year. Students enrol themselves in any one of the clubs of their choice to explore & learn more about the subject of their interest. Once a week members of each club meet together and variety of activities are conducted in the club.

Academics Module


Games and sports play a major role in the overall development of a child. The school has seriously taken up games and sports thereby promoting good discipline, team spirit, co-operation and competitive spirit. Various sports and games are included in the curriculum. Students are coached in Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Hand Ball, Badminton etc. Equipments are available for all the games and athletic events. Indoor sports equipments are also provided. Inter-house sports competitions are held to promote team spirit and sportsmanship. Our “Sports Day” resembles a “Mini Olympics”.

2.House System

In order to instill qualities like responsibility, discipline, co-operation, integration, character development, self-reliance, planning, sense of belonging, healthy competition, tolerance and respect, the pupils are divided into four houses namely Bl.Anne Marie( Green), St. Mary (Blue, St. Cecilia(Red), & St. Therese( Yellow) .Each house has their own house flag. Various competitions are held in the school based on these houses.

3.Extra Curricular Activities


Present day conditions have proved how valuable women can be, both to their country and to their homes, if trained upto the motto, “Be Prepared”. Adventure and the satisfaction of service belong to the girls of today just as much as they belonged to the heroines of bygone ages. For a guide, friendliness and happiness will become a habit, as she trains herself to be able to do her duty to her country and her home. The chief aim of Guides is “character development towards happy citizenship through natural rather than artificial means”. Character means possession of self-reliance, self discipline, cheerfulness, consideration for others and a sense of duty and of patriotism. Their motto is “Be Prepared”. Guiding is a way of life. It is based on abiding faith in God and it helps to develop not only a liberal understanding of one’s own faith, but also a natural respect for other people’s religious beliefs.


Music is the language of the soul. Music is the core of all our celebrations and get-togethers and helps the children develop into cultured and civilized persons, by exposing them to classical music. Music improves concentration and creativity, the ability to retain information, the knowledge of what is right and wrong. Socially it gives confidence, acceptance of others, controlled behavior and improved manners.


Dancing is the oldest and liveliest of the arts. It is both an art and a form of recreation. Dance is the language of the body. A dancer can communicate any subject and any idea to the audience.


Karate offers wide variety of exercises that are excellent for fitness it emphasises on concentrating as much of the bodies power as possible at the point and instant of impact. Karate classes held during the week days in the school premises.


Our counsellor visits the school every day and conducts sessions for individuals and classes. Individual attention is provided to students in order to work towards the overall growth of the concerned student. It also helps the students to develop a positive attitude and to thereby lead a stress-free life. Our counsellor is ready at all times to help students and parents tide over crisis situations that they come across in their day to day life.

Career Guidance

The Career Guidance sessions especially to the students of Std. IX and X to enable them to take right decisions at crucial junctures in their life. Prominent and renowned resource persons are invited to conduct these classes.

Value Education/Catechism

Value education helps our students conduct their lives better in their day to day activities. Catechism students spend precious moments once a month by attending the holy Eucharist.


Abacus classes assures the enhancement of self-confidence, listening skills, observation, memory power and concentration in speed math accuracy. The abacus course consists of eight levels, each level to be completed in a due course of the academic year by conducting classes.