School Anthem

Proudly raising high our banner, March we on to victory; Though the strife be long and fearsome, March we in serenity. Dauntless in the face of trials, Filled with hope and courage, too; With our vision fixed in longing, On God’s beck’ning light so true.

Ch: Ever onward, Ever onward, March we with a conscience clear; Ever onward in sweet service, To our Alma Mater dear.

Never falt’ring in the darkness, March we onwards through the gloom; For we see between the shadows, That sure glimpse of heaven’s bloom. While within these sacred portals, We will learn to firmly trust; Treasures of eternal value, Those what will not turn to dust.

May we live for others only, Never seeking our sole gain; For all sad and needy people, May compassion in us reign. May we never shirk our duties, May we always do our best; Whether working, singing, playing, May we always stand the test.

May our faith in our Redeemer, Grow more deeper every day; While we concentrate on reading, May we also learn to pray. To you, Mother, Queen of Heaven, Pledge we our unending love; Through our loyalty and worship, May we reach our Home above.